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XHR Hot Selling and Popular Laser Light

  • 2018-07-17 08:42:33

Our Company Hot Selling Stage Laser Light Product is X Series Lasers,Can’t Help himself To Love This Product ,AS There Are Many Advantage.

1:This Series Product Have SD Card(1200 effects),Let Clients To Have More Effect To Control,Don’t Need To Spend More 300-400 Dollar To Purchase A Software Just For Want More Effect To Control

2:More Interesting And Convenient Is We Have R/G/B Buttons In The Machine Backside,You Could  Adjust Your Own Favorite Color Anytime Anywhere! Belong To Your Own Colorful Laser Show!

3:The Laser Diode Mode Is Analog,It Mean To Have Thousand Of Color For Your Optional,Seem Like In a Wave Of Colorful Flowers

4:The Sound Of This Machine Is Very Small,Like A Butterfly Flies Up,Cooling Function Is Also Very Good,The Temperature Will Be The Same People In The Spring.

This Series Mode Have X3 X5 X8.We Are Trying To Do Lighter And Smaller,Let Our Client Pay Less Shipping Cost And Easy To Take It.

The Light Power As Follow: Full Color Laser Light:3-8w Green Laser Light:3-5w

X3-3W (Red:700mw/638nm,Green:800mw/520nm,Blue:1.5W/445nm )

4W (Red:1w/638nm,Green:1w/520nm,Blue:2W/445nm )

X5-4W 5W(Red:1w/638nm,Green:2w/520nm,Blue:2W/445nm )

X8 6W(Red:2w/638nm,Green:1w/520nm,Blue:2W/445nm )

7W (Red:2w/638nm,Green:1w/520nm,Blue:2W/445nm )

8W (Red:2w/638nm,Green:1w/520nm,Blue:2W/445nm )

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