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What is the best suitable power laser in your event?

  • 2018-03-21 17:53:00

Laser stage lighting have green laser and full color two series.there also have different watt for each color laser.

Our Clients ask the most frequently question is what is the best suitable laser in my I would like to talk about how to choose your suitable laser in your club or event..

The difference between the full color laser light and the single green color laser light:

1: color is different, full color one could show different colors. The single green laser only could show one color

2: If the same power between full color and green color,green color laser must will be brighter than full color laser.actually the mean is if 5w full color,maybe Consist of 1w green laser diode;1w red laser diode;3w blue laser diode.and 5w green color is only consist of 5w green laser diode. Green color is brighter than red and blue color  Originally,that green laser  price will be higher full color ones.I am curious why some factory green laser is cheaper than full color laser,I don’t know whether cheaper really or make a lower power laser to sell... but we are promise we will do real power,will take picture and video when delivery.

Next,I would like to talk about laser power,client how to choose their suitable power?we usual will ask client used for indoor laser show or outdoor?not only is different brightness between indoor or outdoor but also if you used fog machine in outdoor,fog also will dispersion quickly.all the stage light work with fog machine will be better effect.

Outdoor Laser show usual used high power laser ,8w full color at least,or 3w green laser at least. Indoor show used 1-10w full color laser is enough,but most important still need according the size of your show place.I will offer some common size of laser show for your reference:

1:Indoor entertainment:

100Sq-200Sq usual used 1w-3wrgb color or 1w green color ;

300sq-500sq usual used 3wrgb-5wrgb color or 1w-2w green color;

500sq-800sq usual used 5w-8w rgb color or 1w-2w green color

More than 800sq need used more than 10w

2:outdoor entertainment:

If your stage only 100sq-800sq could used 8w-12w but we suggest used 12w will be outdoor really used powerful laser will be perfect,Outdoor not much important for the stage size,as outdoor space is unlimited

If you used for big concert about 1000sq that need used 20w rgb at least or 8-10w green laser

That is all I would like to share,hope could help you to know more about laser,thanks

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