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What are the control modes of the laser light?

  • 2018-07-31 08:46:24

Laser Light except could like others stage light control function- auto,sound control,dmx,Master-slave,also have others three mode.

First one is standard mode only have ILDA Function,second one is sd card function,third one is built fb4 in the back side light.

First one standard mode,means only have 128 beam and animation,that is not enough if you used show,so everyone will purchase a software and connect ilda to control,that will be more effect for your optional,and the software function also could adjust position,size,colors ect.Noted:software must need connect computer to control,and the ilda cable the max distance only 50m or the signal will not good.

Second one is SD cad,There are in thousands of laser effects in a 4G SD card.some of effect is copy in ishow&pangolin could choose what you need to display in LCD Screen.if you have ishow software also could make some simple image text effect and output ilda file to save in sd card.You also could choose what you need and setting how long you need to display!

If you would like to project beam show,there also have many effect for your optional.just select it.

Meanwhile we have a new technician is we could make 3d laser animation effect for 3d Max! If you purchase our laser,we will design to you for free.

Our suggestion:if would like to change effect usually,that is better to choose fist one or third one to have a software control.if you think the effect is enough for you,that purchase a sd card model will be available.

Third one is for FB4 software function,we could put the software build in the back side of the light or put the software into a box as your requested.Fb4 function could used network or off line control ,then will be very easy for concert show and outdoor show.the most wonderful is you could input what you need effect,do not need we input to you ,but the cost is expensive than others 2 mode .

Hope this information could help you,if still have any question,feel free to contact me,we are professional produce laser light since 2008.

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