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Some Question Which You Want to Know for Laser Landmark

  • 2018-08-24 08:54:05

1:How many meter could project for this laser light? if project text or beams?

Laser projection distance is depend on different color and power,Beam effect could project 1-6km,could project text or animation could project 50-600m,if you would like project beams,we suggest used green laser light will be better,the project distance will be longer.

2:Are there Lightning protection or leakage electricity way?

When our laser product install in outdoor is not leakage electricity way,but it will be no problem if you grounding it. Leakage electricity is usual you have not grounding.

3:Could project effect in the sky?

From now on,is no one could achieve project in sky,would like project logo animation ect,must have project in wall building,something behind it.

4:How long are the laser light lifetime?

We are reaching the lifetime result is within 10,000 hours,but is depend on the laser light environment and use of way.

5:What kind of effect for outdoor laser landmark?

Laser light could project beams to shine large area also cold project text animation logo for advertising ect.could used outdoor building ,water fountain laser show, resort ect,you could tell us where you want used the laser light for,so that we could send video and recommend to you

6:How to used? have anything need to careful?

You could dont worry for how to work with laser ,as our technician will tell you,and is better to tell us where you want used it,After installation, you need to periodically check whether the cooling fan is running normally. If it is not running during normal operation, please do not continue to use it. At the same time, the dust on the light outlet and the fan must be cleaned in time. The installation location should be well ventilated.

7:Is the laser landmark waterproof?

We have two kind of laser machine,one is for rotation and IP 58 waterproof.,another one is not waterpoof,but if you used outdoor,we could make a rain cover to project it,.

There is some question for client ask. Hope could help you

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