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New Product For Waterproof Laser Light

  • 2018-07-09 16:18:32

In June,2018.Our Company Research A New Product,This Time Is Aim To Client Need To Used Laser In Musical Water Fountain Laser Show ,Outdoor Laser Advertising,Laser Landmark,Concert Show ect.

The Feature As Follow:

1. Laser source: import laser diode(Nichia), high stability, long service life

2. Laser design: There are power protection system devices, waterproof, dustproof, moisture-proof, anti-corrosion, anti-rust, and a good sealing system, efficient cooling cooling area covers 50% of the chassis area. .

3. Built-in temperature control system, automatic adjustment of temperature, stable work in -40 ° - 45 °.

4. Built-in American pangolin FB4 professional laser light control software can play programmed beam/animated laser program offline.

5. When viewed from a distance, when using a single beam laser, a special system is sufficient to ensure that the laser is farther away without reducing brightness. At close range, you can watch a multi-line laser scanning system.

7. Can do automatic timer switch function

8. Can perform dynamic 3D beam, animation performance, suitable for outdoor advertising, water curtain fountain, large-scale outdoor performances, City landmarks, landscape lighting and so on.

And There are 3 Model For different Power

Small Model:Do5-8w Full Color Laser Light,and 3-5w Green Laser Light

Middle Model:Do 10-15w Full Color Laser Light And 10-20w Green Laser Light

Large Model:Do 20-40w Green/ Full Color Laser Light

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