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How Many Occasions Can Used Laser

  • 2019-04-26 16:03:48

Now is more and more people used laser light,do you know how many occasions can used lasers?let me introduce as follow

No.1 Laser is usually used club,pub,we suggest used 3-12w enough,is depend on the club size.we also have a series of beam club laser lights:Moving head 6 beam red laser bar, you can control each beam.also have 8 beam red laser +led ,8 beam red laser bar,8 beam full color laser light.

No.2 Laser light also can used concert,music festival and stage some big outdoor show,Relatively speaking that would need to used higher power stage laser lights to improve the brightness, cuz all light need used fog machine then effect will be better ,and outdoor show is not a closed space means the fog will be dispersed quickly.

No.3 Laser light also could used outdoor laser landmark, laser can project hundreds to thousands of meter to attract people,our company researching series of outdoor laser advertising light.we have 2 beams laser landmark,effect only 2 beam,the feature is project longer can reach 7-8km,we also have 4 beam laser landmark,function is the same 2 beams,but can project 4 beam.and others product is standard model,can project beams or animation.and all outdoor laser advertising product can moving head and rainproof.

No5 Could used watersreen,we could project animation in watersreen, it will be make a magic and wonderful show

No6 Laser man show,laser man performance is different with laser show, It combines the shock of the laser show with the fun of magic,The actor must have a deep understanding of the dance in order to perfectly combine the laser and the dance

The above is the scene used by the laser. If there is any need, please feel free to contact us.we are professional produce all kind of laser since 2008.

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