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Different Quality Have Different Laser

  • 2018-03-30 17:15:28

Laser Stage Light manufacturers are mainly concentrated in Guangdong China . The Laser Factories usual in Guangzhou and shenzhen city.

Many client only focus on the price.actually different quality have different price.what is the different between lasers?we will talk about as follow:

First of all,the function of the back side case,our power button is used higher quality according Europe Standard.(REF:mark①)also you could see our display is lcd,others supplier is digital ect..

And the casing we also make better quality.these all we do only would like to let your show more safer.

About the diode,we usual used for changchun and shenzhen diode,we could according your requested to do the diode which you the price also depend on which diode you need.

Laser scanner is important part of laser usual have 20kppcs/30kppcs/40kpps for your optional.more higher scanner the effect will be better,also will be more expensive.

  • 3-15w multi colored laser light we suggest could used 30k-40k.higher scanner will be less shake when you project effects.if you project image or animation,then we will suggest 40k will be better.
  • And if you need more than 20w of concert laser light,we suggest used 30k will be better,laser diode will project in a mirror of scanner then display the effect.Higher scanner,the mirror will be smaller.and more powerful laser the beams will be fatter,so when the laser diode project in this mirror,it would not received the beams totally.then the light will be leak and brightness will be less.(REF:mark②XHR)

There are many different quality laser casing,scanner diode and so on in this market,so pls compare the quality rather than price.

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