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Design Your Own Laser Light

  • 2018-07-24 08:56:45

From the past to the present, everyone pays attention to the design style of the laser and the design of advertising laser. Today, we will talk about the position where the laser light is usually placed and design with laser.

1: If you are a small to medium indoor bar, we usually recommend buying 2 1-5w full-color lights, so that the laser light can bright your whole bar with different pretty Color,laser are different with led light ,as the brightness will be brighter and color also is more than led.

If you only want to buy one unit, then we recommend buying a larger wattage so that it is enough to cover your bar, and we recommended to be put in the middle.

Please remember to work with the fog machine, you will see different effect for laser lights

2: If you are a large-scale entertainment or you want to use laser-based entertainment, you can try to put it like a 5-corner shape, so the laser light will be very special. You can see the following

picture. You can also put all the lights side by side, the effect will be like a rainbow sea! However, the most important thing is to see how big the occasion is. If you want more suggestions, you can ask our salesman. Although the we only professional the laser not for the design, we will provide you with suitable advice like a friend.

3: Everyone should know that the laser light also has the role of advertising, because it can also project text animation logo are some tips, if you are only a small store and budget is not so much, then I suggest to go Buy a small led logo light, it is not recommended to buy laser, because the price of laser light is expensive compared to other lights.laser advertising usual used big project.

If you want to play text or animated effects on a building, the best position is put in the Opposite the building. If you only want to project text, we recommend playing between 10-15 letters because If you play more, the word will shake.

If you want to play more words, then we suggest that you buy one more or choose an effect in the software to make the words play one by one, so the effect will not shake and very nice.

If you play animation, there are many kinds of effects in the software that you can control. You can adjust the color, size, etc. If you still can't find what you need effect, you can save your favorite one in jpg format and there are a function to directly play it out. But not too complicated, the laser light can only be contoured.

Next, if you want to play the water screen, don't worry about the waterproofing of the product, because our company has a series of waterproof products for your optional, you only need to focus on the design of the fountain, the lights will not worry you. For the quantity suggestion, the fountain usual is big,so is better used 2 unit or more!

The above is some of the placement and suggestions for the laser light. For more suggestions, please contact us. Let us talk to you one-on-one.

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