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Outdoor Building Laser Light
  • How to captivate your audience in your show
    • 2019-07-19

    A well-designed lighting system and carefully chosen stage laser effect lights can bring drama and excitement into your show. A visual dimension to your music will give your performances a professiona...

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  • How Many Occasions Can Used Laser
    • 2019-04-26

    Now is more and more people used laser light,do you know how many occasions can used lasers?let me introduce as follow No.1 Laser is usually used club,pub,we suggest used 3-12w enough,is depend on the...

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  • Which Fair XHR will Attend Every Year
    • 2019-04-26

    1. Guangzhou Pro Light Sound Fair,this fair is mainly for stage and dj,there are laser lights,led moving head light,Audio,truss,dmx controller and so on,in this fair,we will take 2pcs 30w rgb and 1pcs...

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  • Your Best Stage Outdoor Concert Laser Show Machine
    • 2019-03-06

    Many people will used laser light in concert,music festival or others big outdoor show,cuz laser light is brighter than led,effect also dazzling,do you know what kind of outdoor laser light show equip...

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  • 2019 Guangzhou Pro Light Sound
    • 2019-02-22

    Guangzhou Hongri Photoelectric Technology Co.Ltd invite everyone to vist our booth sincerely . Time:24th Feb 2019 to 27th Feb 2019 Address:C28, Hall 3.1, Area A,Pazhou Guangzhou Import and Export Trad...

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  • All Kinds Of Laser Bar
    • 2018-10-23

    Laser beam bar is hot selling this year,if you still not purchase and don’t know about laser bar,let us introduce our laser bar serious as follow: 1. 8 Beam red Laser Light ,this is the classic Beam m...

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  • Which You Want to Know When You Used the Laser in Your Event
    • 2018-09-10

    1:How many watt should i need to used in my laser show? If you used indoor,usual according 100 square meter per 1 unit to used 3-8w power.also according your show level to purchase,more powerful will ...

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  • Some Question Which You Want to Know for Laser Landmark
    • 2018-08-24

    1:How many meter could project for this laser light? if project text or beams? Laser projection distance is depend on different color and power,Beam effect could project 1-6km,could project text or an...

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  • What are the control modes of the laser light?
    • 2018-07-31

    Laser Light except could like others stage light control function- auto,sound control,dmx,Master-slave,also have others three mode. First one is standard mode only have ILDA Function,second one is sd ...

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