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2019 Guangzhou Get Show

  • 2019-05-18 16:22:59

In 8th-11th May,Our company attend the Guangzhou Get Show.It is very happy to meet client from differnt county in the fair.

In this fair,we take 6 unit 30w rgb laser 2pcs 40w rgb laser 1pcs 30w green laser and 100w rgb lasers!

This is our first time take 100w in the show,it is shocking to everyone when visit our booth.and also we take a 2 pcs 6 beam rgb laser the power is 2w each head,it is very bright even in the bright space.

For the laser ,we focus on to do best white color,and keep do best beam effect,when project a point that have not excess light.

Welcome to visit our show in the fair,we have attend fair for every year in the guangzhou fair.

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